squealing pigs
admiral fallow

don't you think about your actions? counter-weight dire reactions? zero soul, you're a loser's son, but don't you go away from here.

your mind's a mine-field in a minor way. don't just fall in like some mindless stray. "we're your friends, you see" is what they say; don't you go away from here.

tommy gun
royal republic

there ain't no use appealing, your justice will prevail, this time i must be punished. no lawyer, no attorney, no chance of breaking bail, so won't you grant this final wish pretty miss (won't you save a last kiss)?

i want you to do me with a tommy-gun baby, with a tommy-gun baby, do me. if you have to kill me use a tommy-gun baby, use a tommy-gun baby, do me.

if everyone was listening

if everyone was listening you know, there'd be a chance that we could save the show. who'll be the last clown to bring the house down? oh no, please no, don't let the curtain fall.

well, what is your costume today? who are the props in your play? you're acting a part which you thought from the start was an honest one. well, how do you plead? an actor indeed! go re-learn your lines! you don't know what you've done, the finale's begun.

sugar, we're goin' down
fall out boy

am i more than you bargained for yet? i've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear, because that's just who i am this week.

we're going down, down, in an earlier round, and sugar we're going down swinging. i'll be your number one with a bullet; a loaded god-complex, cock it and pull it.

this too shall pass
ok go

you know you can't keep lettin' it get you down, and you can't keep draggin' that dead weight around. if there ain't all that much to lug around, better run like hell when you hit the ground.

when the morning comes. when the morning comes.

you can't stop these kids from dancin', why would you want to? especially when you're already gettin' yours. 'cause if your mind don't move and your knees don't bend, well don't go blamin' the kids again.

you're gonna go far, kid
the offspring

show me how to lie, you’re getting better all the time, and turning all against one is an art that’s hard to teach. another clever word sets off an unsuspecting herd, and as you step back into line, a mob jumps to their feet.

now dance, fucker, dance. man, he never had a chance. and no one even knew it was really only you.

with a thousand lies and a good disguise, hit 'em right between the eyes, hit 'em right between the eyes. when you walk away, nothing more to say, see the lightning in your eyes; see 'em running for their lives.

our lady peace

i walked around my good intentions and found that there were none. i blame my father for the wasted years, we hardly talked. i never thought i would forget this hate. then a phone call made me realize i'm wrong.

green lights

i can hold on to these memories every day for as long as i breathe, but it won't help me.

so i cut myself free, shed the weight of my history 'til i finally see the city below me.

higher and higher i climb; better to leave them, leave them behind.

bubblegum bitch
marina & the diamonds

i'll chew you up and i'll spit you out, 'cause that's what young love is all about. so pull me closer, and kiss me hard; i'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart.


even when the sun is burning saving graces, i must always run the race on my own.

oh the sinking and descent of every saving word, and the destruction of all convention and all corrupted thought, dig their nails into my optimistic shell--i must always run the race on my own.

wrecking ball
mother mother

it takes a dedicated hand to put it through the wall; you gotta wanna break the heart of all those pretty porcelain dolls. you gotta want to be the drummer in the band, you gotta want to be a battering ram, you gotta see the artistry in tearing the place apart with me baby.

i am unruly in the stands, i am a rock on top of the sand, i am a fist amidst the hands, and i break it just because i can.

let's break it (just because we can), deface it (just because we can). let's break it just because.

shine on you crazy diamond
pink floyd

remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. shine on you crazy diamond. now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky. shine on you crazy diamond. you were caught in the crossfire of childhood and stardom, blown on the steel breeze. come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine!

you reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon. shine on you crazy diamond. threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light. shine on you crazy diamond. well you wore out your welcome with random precision, rode on the steel breeze. come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!

gold guns girls

all the gold and the guns in the world (couldn’t get you off). all the gold and the guns and the girls (couldn't get you off). all the boys, all the choices in the world.

i remember when we were gambling to win, everybody else said “better luck next time”. i don't wanna bend, let the bad girls bend, i just wanna be your friend—is it ever gonna be enough?

all the lace and the skin in the shop (couldn't get you off). all the toys and the tools in the box (couldn't get you off). all the noise, all the voices never stop.

this blackest purse

fact: the poseur in the bowler gets shot first, thinks he's the shit cause he can spit and curse, actin' brash and flashin' a pistol that squirts, scowling, and shouting, "shall we dance?"

should our heroes hands be holding this blackest purse? mom, am i failing or worse? mom, am i failing? what should these earnest hands be holding?

i wanna speak at an intimate decibel with the precision of an infinite decimal. to listen up and send back a true echo of something forever felt but never heard, i want that sharpened steel of truth in every word.

the small fry in the bow tie dies first, acting wild like the spirit of god moving after church, faking he's hard like he's packed down dirt--all ready, and yelling, "be my guest!"

this ain't a scene, it's an arms race
fall out boy

i am an arms dealer, fitting you with weapons in the form of words. and i don't really care which side wins--as long as the room keeps singing, that's just the business i'm in.

this ain't a scene, it's a goddamned arms race; i'm not a shoulder to cry on, but i digress--

i'm a leading man and the lies i weave are oh so intricate, oh so intricate.

i wrote the gospel on giving up (you look pretty sinking), but the real bombshells have already sunk (prima donnas of the gutter). at night we're painting your trash gold while you sleep, crashing not like hips or cars, no, more like p-p-p-parties.

miracle mile
cold war kids

i was supposed to do great things, i'd know the rule is law. but i wasn't raised to shoot for fame, i had the safety on. i cut my ties, i sold my rings; i wanted none of this. if you start from scratch and have to sing just for the fun of it.

i'll be alright, if i could just see you. come up for air, come up for air. a miracle mile where does it lead to? come up for air, come up for air.

ghost towns
radical face

'cause all my life is wrapped up in today, no past or future here. if i find my name's no good, i just fall out of line.

but i miss you--there's no comin' home, there's no comin' home, with a name like mine. i still think of you, but everyone knows, yeah everyone knows: if you care, let it go.

but all this time, i been chasin' down a lie. and i know it for what it is, but it beats the alternatives. so i'll take the lie.

prima donna
marina & the diamonds

prima donna girl, yeah, all i ever wanted was the world. i can't help that i need it all; the prima donna life, the rise and fall. you say that i'm kinda difficult, but it's always someone else's fault. got you wrapped around my finger, babe, you can count on me to misbehave.

fill the void up with celluloid; take a picture, i'm with the boys. get what i want 'cause i ask for it, not because i'm really that deserving of it. living life like i'm in a play, in the lime light i want to stay. i know i've got a big ego--i really don't know why it's such a big deal, though.

going up, going down, down, down, anything for the crown, crown, crown. when the lights dimming down, down, down, i spin around.

the rifle's spiral
the shins

primitive mirror on the wall, to fortify your grim resolve. and made the glitz of a shopping mall another grain of indigent salt for the sea.

so long to this wretched form, them grey eyes on the subway. long before you were born, you were always to be a dagger floating straight to their heart.

the phoenix
fall out boy

you are a brick tied to me that's dragging me down; strike a match and i'll burn you to the ground. we are the jack-o-lanterns in july, setting fire to the sky, he-here comes this rising tide, so come on.

put on your war paint.

so we can take the world back from the heart-attacked, one maniac at a time we will take it back. you know time crawls on when you're waiting for the song to start, so dance alone to the beat of your heart.

hey, young blood, doesn't it feel like our time is running out? i'm gonna change you like a remix, then I'll raise you like a phoenix. you're wearing our vintage misery--no, i think it looked a little better on me. i'm gonna change you like a remix, then i'll raise you like a phoenix.

the trick the devil did
sick puppies

out of reach in the sky, most of you will never fly. afraid to fail, afraid to try, but not me, i'd rather die.

the trick the devil did, the trick the devil did, the trick the devil did was make me want it.

electric president

and the bright-eyed choke on ambition, and the old folks circle their graves. and the young ones are busy destroying their names, and you're still just wasting away. i sit and watch the screen for a message, some kinda sign that says we're okay, but the screen stays blank till i turn the thing off and wait for my conscience to break.

so, so, so, it's so damn slow. so, so, so, it's so damn slow.

i hope you're learning to listen, and i hope you're learning to stay. and i hope you find what you're missing, and i hope that you're making you're way. i’m a head-case if i don't keep moving, and my head hurts if i don't sit still; it's an itch that i’ll never stop scratching, it's a hole that i’ll never quite fill.

yellow flicker beat

this is the start of how it all ends. they used to shout my name, now they whisper it. i'm speeding up and this is the red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart. we're at the start, the colours disappear; i never watch the stars, there’s so much down here. so i just try to keep up with the red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart.

i dream all year, but they’re not the sweet kinds. and the shivers move down my shoulder blades in double time.
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