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happy almost BIRTHDAY my man!!!
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[Asher is such a busybody, of course he read your file.]

wut r u doin 2 celebrate???

should i bring sum cake (😉) 2 the office?

[do not make innuendos in a happy birthday text to your FRIEND]
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o do u not like sweet stuff?
lmao i just thot u were diabetic or sum shit


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so that's why u take ur coffee black, i thought u just wanted 2 hella load up on caffeine??? wait but aren't u drankin' on the day or anything like that...

u should ttly party! we all should. at least, b4 everything freaks da fuck out loooool
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[That strikes Asher as peculiar. Who wouldn't want to party with their homies on one of the biggest and bestest days of the year?]


u just wanna grab a drink with me then

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[guess who is surprisin u bitch ;)]

u wanna do this sat?

[Sooner rather than later is better, especially seeing as the infection is still under control. What if it worsens by next weekend?]

cause idk, when im at da clurrrrb i wanna b drankin

not... fighting sum zombies off with a crowbar lmf
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omg d a m n gina that!!!!!!! that's on rn

[Or it will be.

God, football games. It's been so long, he'd almost forgotten.

i'll order us some chicken waaaaangs

u got a favorite dipping sauce?

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aite dawg

[So that's incredibly spicy hot sauce for Hiruma, aaaaand maybe barbecue or ranch for himself. Got it.]

hot sauce it izzzzzz

[If he remembers correctly, since it's early February... This Sunday may even be the Superbowl. Does Asher enjoy the halftime show almost as much as the game itself? Oh, absolutely.]
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[This is the first time anybody has bothered to ask, and honestly, Asher has done his best not to think about it. Having a birthday means getting older, and coming to terms with the fact that he'll be 26.

At that age, he was supposed to have completed his first year of law school, but he's here.

Somehow, though, he doesn't feel nearly as bad as he thought he would.

It's in July.
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[As rude as that comment might be, he has to chuckle at it.]


I'm turning 26.

It's fucking weird, man.
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6 months, now?

[Longer than an entire semester.

Longer than he's even been in law school.

I think.
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I got here in August.

Like, early.

[He fails to mention that it was December when he left home, and that the ground of Philadelphia was frozen in ice.

Which means technically, he's 26 already, but he's trying not to think about it.
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Yeah, I

I guess I actually like being on this team.

[Even though he's suffered so much.]

And that's whack, yo.
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[There's a great delay on his end of the feed, and Asher is almost tempted not to answer.

For the first time in his entire life, he can be certain that the people around him are friends with him because there is something good mixed in with all the rotten. Circumstance has brought them together, but one look at the people he's managed to earn the trust of says a lot. A good majority of them are cynics and loners, individuals who do not fork over friendship without a true show of good character, an idea he has not really mulled over until this very second.

What a horrible realization to have, learning that even in the midst of a town teetering on the edge of catastrophe, your life is better than it once was.

You're right.

[Horrible and beautiful too.

Asher Millstone can finally say, without a doubt, that he knows what happy feels like.

cya @ work 2mrw
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01/07, 9:30 AM

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[When Hiruma arrives to work he will see a (poorly) wrapped package on his desk. After the paper is torn away, it will reveal a brand new football nestled in a cardboard box. There is simple white card next to the gift, but upon further inspection, nothing is written on it save for a doodle of a winking face.

Happy birthday, asshole.